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Best Business Ideas | குறைந்த முதலீட்டில் காலையில் பணம் போட்டால் மாலைக்குள் லாபம் கிடைக்கும் | Urban Business | Namum Business Seiyalaam | Curtain

Modern Era Human Legacy The modern era has made us to move consistently and think for almost 24/7, leaving us with a huge advancement of Science and Technology. Apparently, this has caused the people to crave for the time to relax and enjoy the leisure. Unlike in the Agriculture based Business or Food Industry Business, there are most of the other sectors where there is a consistent physical or mental effort, required without pause. However, the day to day increase of the needs and demands of the population alongside the urge for being the front runner in terms of purchase value and capacity, has caused us to stay on the track without a break. Leisure amidst Sweat As already mentioned about Science and Technology, advancement has caused us to think of a solution in the mid of actual work order. Eventually came the concept of leisure hours, relaxing parlours, therapies and many other workarounds, that really assisted the purpose, though not on the whole, bu

New Business Ideas | தினமும் 2200ரூ லாபம் தரும் தொழில் | Value Added | Home Business | Namum Business Seiyalaam

Soy Milk Soy Milk / Soya Milk has always been a better alternative for regular Cow’s Milk.  There are various Business practices made to Manufacture and Market this product in the Global Market . Due to several reasons, people choose this as a regular protein drink and have a challenge in making kids adapt to it. Bottom line, there is always a difference in flavour, which makes it little odd for the kids and even to some adults to consume. The Urban Market has a mediocre demand for this product, perhaps can be tweaked to increase it with value addition. Soya Milk Nutrition and Application Protein rich and nutritious Soya Milk, besides being a healthy drink can be a supplement for vegetarian protein diets. Being perishable in nature, this product has a huge scope for Low Investment and perennial business probabilities. There are various process and value added products made from Soy Milk to make it consumable and get the nutritious benefit.

Best Business Ideas | மிகக்குறைந்த முதலீட்டில் மாதம் 25,000ரூ சம்பாதிக்கலாம் | Retail Business | Namum Business Seiyalaam

India is the land of natural resources in abundance and the home for several Vedas & puranas. Besides, the country itself has positioned as a leader on showcasing the emphasis on living life with the roots and herbs, to the world. For almost many centuries we’ve been supplying these abundances to the Global Market and generating high competent business transactions. Roots and Herbs - India Throughout the Vedas and history, India has been preaching several medicinal practices and the value of indigenous natural roots and herbs. It can be observed that every household in India has a home remedy suggestion for any common illness and preventive measures, suggested by the elderly people in the family. Though these are not Marketed sufficiently in many scenarios, there are some traces of Small Business options in various Rural and Urban societies. This provides sufficient evidence on several methods, that are practiced by the native people throughout ages and ar

Business ideas in Tamil | குப்பையில் போடும் பொருளில் மாதம் 50,000ரூ சம்பாதிக்கலாம் | No Competition

Natural Healers As we’ve seen many natural produces and vegetations that are helping us to stay healthy and fit, there’s always an option of spreading these with a little value added to make a living. In this way, a revenue will be added to the goodness supplied that acts as a Healthy Business option and an essential for the current Global Market. Benefits of Fruits Nature has provided abundant resources for us to use and replenish the energy throughout the lifetime.  It’s absolutely necessary that we pass on these resources to society, from a place where it’s available in abundance to a place where it’s the deficit. Perhaps, this keeps the existence of the actual productivity and demand for the produce consistent and thus the Agriculture Based Businesses will be live. The Farmer and the Farming lands are the most cherish able properties of any country, in older to keep the lifeline of it and to succeed in the vulnerable market.