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How to add your Food Business with Zomato? - Best Business Ideas - Application Link Inside - Small Business Idea

Launched in Delhi 12 years ago, Zomato has grown from a home project to one of the largest food aggregators in the world. We are present in 24 countries and 10000+ cities globally, enabling our vision of better food for more people. We not only connect people to food in every context but work closely with restaurants to enable a sustainable ecosystem. [Know about the Small Business Idea, Cleanliness based Chlorine Bleach Powder Business]Back in 2008, all it took was an idea to enable digital access to thousands of restaurant menus. Three passionate foodies who hated waiting in lines, drove around Delhi to collect menus from restaurants, scan them and put them online. Their idea has now grown into the vision that drives our team of 5000+ people everyday. [Also See: Work from Home Business, Pulse Oximeter Reselling]ResilienceWe push ourselves beyond our abilities when faced with tough times. When we foresee uncertainty, we address it only with flexibility.AcceptanceFeedback is never tak…

Waste to Wealth - Innovative Business Idea - Disposed Face Mask and PPE Kit to Bricks - Reuse Man - Small Business Ideas

An Innovative creation will always have a great reception and commercial value. And the entrepreneurs are always in thirst of such products. One such creation and the commercial market it has reserved is discussed in detail today. [Know about the Small Business Idea, Cleanliness based Chlorine Bleach Powder Business]Binish Desai, India's 'Reuse Man', makes blocks from disposed of face covers.Binish Desai's most recent innovation — Block 2.0 — comes when the plastic emergency has snowballed the world over. The 'Reuse Man of India', who shot to distinction in 2010 for planning P-Square (blocks from modern paper and gum squander), spent the most recent couple of months dealing with changing over disposed of face-covers into blocks and is currently preparing for business creation. [Also See: Work from Home Business, Pulse Oximeter Reselling]In April, when the lockdown started, Desai, 27, drenched himself in his home research facility, which he made when he was matu…