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Waste to Wealth

Waste Management is a hot topic in the modern society where all the products were made with the chemical and synthetic raw materials. It’s one of the major root cause factors for global warming and raising earth temperatures. How much ever the renewable resources are brought into usage, we’re pushed to a situation where omitting the chemical substances completely is almost impossible. [Also Read: Profitable Business Ideas - Dish wash Detergent Business]

Perhaps, there are several awareness campaigns are run across the nations to enlighten the public and the industries to act responsibly towards the environment. Though there have been several conceptual initiatives taken with regard to the waste disposals depending on the source and constituents in them, there are several Business Ideas which are of great potential and of huge market scope that are still not into limelight. [Also Read: Great Lock down Business Idea - Vehicle Sanitisation]

Be the Change

Every now and then, when someone gives such try they are being quoted as example and followed by several others. There is such a great possibility for one such waste that goes into the flush most of the time, creating the huge sewerage flow to the sea. [Also Read: Cool Business Idea - Broken Cashews Trade]

It’s the flowers – we see so much of flowers are shed out from the Wholesale Markets, Shops, Farming Lands, Mandapams, Temple and several other places. Since the flowers are primarily in demand for their attractiveness and smell, besides being highly delicate in properties, they easily become useless within a couple of days in usage. [Also Read: Work from Home Tea Dusk Repacking Business Idea]

This makes them to meet the garbage in a short span from the garden. Being a greatest source for several vitamins and essential nutrients, which can benefit the human skin, these flowers has got a potential to meet the needs of several Beauty Parlours, Massages, Spa for their need. [Also Read: Ready Made Samosa Business Idea]

Applications and Usage

On top of that several by-products such as Room Fresheners, Soaps, Scents, Skin Creams and Soaps can be manufactured using these flowers. The concept has a great scope for a Small to Medium Business Enterprise, apparently acts as an Innovative solution for meeting the existing demand. [Also Read: Best Business Idea - Milk Powder Trade]

Besides serving as a beauty and essential cosmetic raw materials, they can serve as a Raw Material for the Agarbatti Manufacturing as well. [Also Read: Cool Business Idea - Broken Cashews Trade]

Below Video has the concept being elaborated with the real time probabilities for the benefit of viewers. Do check and let me know your thoughts in the comments section. [Also Read: Best Business Ideas - Seasonal Best Fruit Mangoes Business]

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For Machine related details:
Oil Extracting Machine

Fish Collagen

Fish Collagen or Marine Collagen are the collagens made from fish and is essentially a highest quality of collagen sourced from animals. These are a type 1 collagen which makes the first grade of over all collagens sources across various sources. [Also Read: Amazon Delivery Partner Business Idea]

The benefits of them are abundant, perhaps the source is predominantly from the scales, skins and bones of fishes, which are often thrown into wastes. The collagens benefits for the beauty of the skin and removes scars on it. Also benefits the healthy bones and joints. [Also Read: Buy and Sell Copra Business Idea]

Strength building and stabilizing the blood sugar is also witnessed in regular use of marine collagens, besides benefiting the guts and reducing the inflammations. [Also Read: Buy and Sell Clothing Business Idea]

Below is the video on business opportunity using the fish scales presented along with market probabilities and scope. [Also Read: Earn without Effort, Vending Machine Business Idea]

Seller Reference

Having said that, the details of the wholesaler for bulk procurement of fish scale is provided beneath for the benefit of the viewers. [Also Read: Healthy Roasted Chickpeas Best Business Idea]

Zero Investment High Profit Fish Scale Marine Collagen Business Ideas - Fish Scale 

Product - Fish Scale
Reference Link -

Zero Investment High Profit Fish Scale Marine Collagen Business Ideas - Shrimp Shell 

Product - Shrimp Shell
Reference Link -


Furthermore as explained in the above video, here are the traders reference who deals with these Fish Scales in large scale for supply inquiry. [Also Read: No Investment Waste Collection Business Idea]


Plastic Paver Tiles

As you could see one more jewel being added to the waste to wealth crown to provide the best out of useless and thereby supporting the environment. The advancement of technology and industrial development has already made the innovative solutions to reduce the hard to the earth. [Also Read: Waffle Street Food Business Idea]

However, the hazardous impacts of certain synthetic products such as plastic are at high concentration to make a better alternate reuse. This enables the effect it causes to the soil and ocean, thus helping all the micro organisms in the soil and marine life to nurture. [Also Read: Farming Business Idea - Hydroponics]

Below is a video with detailed presentation and profitable business concept explanation along with the probabilities and market proximity. [Also Read: Innovative Business Idea, Ice Cream Dosa Business]

Machine Reference

As the concept has been narrated, the machinery to shred and make the paver tiles are the essential to execute this business concept. The details of them are mentioned for your reference. [Also Read: No Investment Flipkart Seller Business]

High Profit Plastic Paver Tiles Business Ideas - Shredder Machine

Product - Plastic Shredder
Type - Semi Automatic, Automatic
Blade Wide - 6 to 40 Inches
Volt - 220V

Reference Link -


High Profit Plastic Paver Tiles Business Ideas - Paver Making Machine

Product - Paver Manufacturing Machine
Type - Manual
Raw Material - Cement, Stone Dust, Stone Chips, Plastic
Capacity - 1500 to 2000 /Hr

Reference Link -


Shredded Glass or Broken Glass Scrap Business

Obviously, it's true that most of the waste materials we come across on our daily life has so much of Business prospect and scope for the aspiring entrepreneurs. One such highly potential Business option is detailed along with the market probabilities in the below video. [Also Read: Essential Hot New Business Pharmacy]

Checkout the video and let us know your thoughts in the below comments. Also explore the relevant contact references shared beneath.

Machine Details

Broken Glass Business - Crusher Machine

Product - Glass Crusher Machine
Voltage(V) - 415 V
Power Consumption - 5 HP
Capacity (products per hour) - 500kg/Hr
Number Of Phases - 3 Phase

Reference Link - https://im/glass-crusher-machine

Glass Scrap

Broken Glass Business - Glass Scrap

Product - Multicolor Glass Scrap
Color - Multicolored
Finish - All
Brand - All
Size - All
Glass Thickness - All
Material - Broken Glass
Packaging Size - Loos

Reference Link - https://im/glass-scrap

Glass Product Manufacturer List

Reference Link - https://im/glass-bottles-manufacturer

Glass Sand

Besides the Glass Scrap, the Glass waste is further used as Glass Sand for manufacturing various glass products. Check out the detailed video presentation below and the contact for Glass Grinding Machine. [Also Read: Innovative Business Ideas, Eatable Plates, Tea Cups and Clay Tea Cup Businesses]

Further references on Raw Materials and Buyer, check the previous post and use them wisely.

Product - Glass Bottle Sand Making Machine

Usage/Application - Glass
Type of Crushing Machines - CRUSHER WITH BLADES
Capacity - 500 BOTTLES PER HOUR
Model Name/Number - GBSM 250
Material - Mild Steel
Automation Grade - Semi-Automatic, Automatic
Motor Type - AC Motor
Voltage - 440 V
Power - 2.25

This machine is specifically manufactured for states with high tourism and we see that there is high amount of waste generated on beaches due to increased tourism. This waste mostly consists of pet bottles and glass/beer bottles. This machine converts the glass bottles into fine grain sand. This sand can be used in construction business and many other places. This recycling process reduces harm to environment, keeps our coastal areas clean. [Also Read: Best Business Idea, Whole Sale Chicken Eggs]


Dry Fish Poultry Feed

Although the poultry feed are of highly mechanised and has made several development throughout the four decades, since the inception of the concept of farm birds for human consumption. Apparently the natural sources are the rich feed for nutrition and protein supply for the poultry birds. [Also Check: Buy Back Business Idea, Hot New Chicken Farm Business]

One such natural waste which is left unused in large scale from the sea food process is the dry fish waste and the shrimp wastes. The below video details on the fruitful business option to get the benefit from these waste in the contemporary market with huge profits and least investment. [Also See: Stay Clean and Stay Safe – Home Sanitisation Business Idea]

Checkout the video and the references shared and get the best out of them. Most importantly, do not forget to let us know your thoughts in the below comments section.
Waste to Wealth Business Idea Dry Fish Poultry Feed Business - Dry Fish
[Also See: Lockdown Business Idea, Home Based Printable Face Mask]

Contact References

Product - Dry Fish
Type - Wholesalers
Source - Sea Food
Variant - Several

Reference Link - https://im/dry-fish

Product - Poultry Feed
Type - Manufacturers
Source - Animal Feed
Variants - Several

Reference Link - https://im/poultry-feed

Perhaps, the options and the marketing methodologies detailed, it's always advised to explore your own references with the margin and business probabilities depending on your feasibility. [Read: High Market Potential Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Business Idea]


Pillow Making Business

The Pillows are an essential product used in almost all the households for better sleeping and comfortable resting. These pillows create a huge commercial market in the industry of bedroom accessories and is part of bedding manufacturers. Perhaps, these can be made with a unique concept of using the waste. [Also Read: Low Investment Terracotta Jewellery Retail Business]

Waste to Wealth Business Idea Dry Fish Poultry Feed Business - Chicken Feed
The Waste products can be used in them as a result to create a product with great scope and a great business prospect. Watch the below video with the detailed presentation with real time probabilities and more insight. Continue further in the post for the contact reference of machinery. And do not forget to drop your thoughts in the below comment section.
[Also Read: Buy and Sell Business Idea, Wholesale Walnut Business]

Machine Details

Besides being a great business option they're highly profitable and earns a perennial income with least investment and huge returns. Check the machine details and the contact reference for the same, below.  Use the concept and contact wisely. [Also Read: Trading Business Idea, Banana Wholesale Business] Filling Machine

Product - Pillow Filling Machine
Packaging Type - Cardboard and White Sheet
Usage/Application - Industrial
Capacity - 2 HP
Power Consumption - 1.5 KW

Reference Link - https://im/pillow-filling-machine

[Also Read: Innovative Business Ideas, Eatable Plates, Tea Cups and Clay Tea Cup Businesses]

Technical Specifications:

Suitable Raw Material: Polyester staple fiber, EPE Balls, Kapok, Broken Sponge Particles, any textile waste.
Productivity: Depends upn filler size and capacity.
Air Supply Requirement: Electric motor 2 hp single phase supplied alongwith machine.
Filling Tube Diameters: 90 mm.
Filling Stations: Single.

[Also Read: Best Business Idea, Whole Sale Chicken Eggs]

Key Features:

Pillow filling machine is widely used in fiber industries, cotton industries etc to fill fiber in Pillows, Cushions, Stuff toys, Baby blankets, Quilts.
Aesthetically designed with high quality metal body.
Reliable and energy efficient product.
Instantly fills fiber in fillers with perfect shape and finishing.

[Also Read: Buy and Sell Business, Green Cardamom Husk]

Production Capacity - 200 Pcs/Hr
Delivery Time - 10 Days


Bio Gas Training and Making

Biogas is a type of biofuel that is produced through natural process from the decomposition of organic waste. When organic wastes, such as food scraps and animal waste, break down in an anaerobic environment they tend to release a blend of gases, primarily methane and carbon dioxide. [Also Read: Ready to Cook Business Idea, Instant Oatmeal Business]

This waste to energy process that uses the fermentation to breakdown organic matters in Animal manure, food scraps, wastewater, and sewage can produce biogas. Since this Biogas has a high content of methane in biogas which is flammable, and therefore used as an energy source. [Also Read: Central Government Aided, Affordable Medicine Store Business]

The alternate energy can generate huge business scope for an aspirant at any time. The regular energy supports would be supplemented by this source at wide range and will make a tremendous impact with its cost effectiveness. Check out the below video for a detailed presentation and the business analysis on this process, along with the training assistance contact references and required machinery contact references beneath. [Also Read: Reserve Bank of India backed Banking Business Idea]

Watch the video and let us know your thoughts in the below comments section, without fail.

Machine Details:

Bio Gas Making Plant

Product - Biogas Plant
Size - 1-6.0 M3
Treatable Solid Organic Waste - 35-40 kg
Treatable Organic Waste Water - 60 ltr
Cooking Time Single burner - 12 Hour
Dimensions - 9 X 9 Feet
Reference Link - https://im/biogas-plant

Portable Bio Gas Making Plant

Product - Portable Biogas Plant
Plant Design - Customized
Plant Capacity - 1 Ton
Coating Thickness - 3 to 7 MM

Training Contact Reference:

Professor and Head,

Department of Bio-Energy,

TNAU, Coimbatore-641003.

Phone: 0422-6611276



Cashew Nut Shell Oil

As most of them would be aware of Cashew Nut and the shedding of their shell for using the edible part for consumption, there is scope for using that waste shells into a commercial product. This by product created using the shells that are thrown after the nut extraction, are rich sources of oil that can be used in paint industry and has wide applications. [Check on, how to make 200% profit with Kids Toys – A Best Business Idea]

A detailed video presentation on the same has been shared below along with the contact references for exploring this business option. Do watch the video and drop your thoughts in the below comment section. [Also Read: Ready Made Samosa Business Idea]

Contact Reference:

Product- Cashew Shell Oil Expeller
Power (kw) - 25 to 60 hp
Design - Standard
Automatic Grade - Semi-Automatic
Capacity - 1-5 Ton/day
Usage - Oil
Chamber Size (millimetre) - 150 mm
High Tensile Strength - Yes
Reference Link - https://im/oil-expeller

Buyer Reference Link:

Paint Companies - https://im/paints

Glass Bangle Manufacturing:

Bio Gas - Organic Waste

Training & Subsidy


Rosemary Essential Oil Extraction

Extraction Machine

Betel Leaf Oil Extraction


Epoxy Coated Furniture Manufacturing

Epoxy Resin Hardener-kit Reference

Fruit Skin Powder
Orange Peel

Fish Farming - Cage System

Cage Reference

All the best! 

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