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தினமும் 1750ரூ லாபம் | 3000ரூ One Time முதலீடு | Street business ideas Tamil | Low Investment ideas

Food Industry and Street Food are all time successful Business Idea, that perhaps has its reception from the target audience, which is directly proportionate to the uniqueness in the concept and the taste of the product, besides the hygiene and presentation.

Apparently any food products that are produced and promoted based on the contemporary interest of the public will have a great success ratio and revenue generation.

One such Innovative Business Idea for both Urban and Rural market is being projected with a real time workout and probabilities in the below video.

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The Raw Material sources are also shared below through the reference urls for the feasibility of the viewers. 

Mushroom Popcorn Kernels

For details on Government loans offered to the physically challenged people

 Bullet Barbecue 


Do watch the full video and get benefited from the details shared. Further, I'd look forward for your valuable comments in the below comments section.

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