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Free GST Registration | எப்படி இலவசமாக GST Registration செய்வது | Small business ideas in tamil | Namum Business Seiyalaam |

The GST - Goods and Services Tax is an indirect tax on the supply of goods and services used in India and a must for almost all the enterprises anywhere in the nation. Though GST registration is enabled by the government to opt for free of cost and through online, there are more and more ambiguities about this process, which still prevails among the several entrepreneur.

As far as any individual is concerned, the tax is a significant contribution he makes towards the growth of the country. Since its inception GST had its pedestal on the Digital India Concept, that simplified the conventional tax registration process and procedures to a simple hassle free online method.

Apparently paving the way for any Small Business or Women Entrepreneurs to get the access readily available. Perhaps all the Industries from the Manufacturing to the Service Sectors has to enroll for GST, thereby paying the applicable tax in return to the government.

This is a tutorial on how to register the GST Online, for a Company. A live illustration has been shown for the viewers benefit.

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An effective country is created by the deliberate taxpayers.

Website: GST Registration Link

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