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Free Business Proposal Sample Template | Namum Business Seiyalaam

Cover Letter

Dear Sir / Ma’am,
I’m “Your Name”, from “Your Company”, located in “Your Location”. 
Based on the market research, I came to know that your company “Client Company Name”, is one of the leading Masala Manufacturers in South India and I’d like to associate with you to assist your needs in the packaging sector. 
Thereby to ease your effort in the support activity and to enable your primary concentration on the core activity of production and expansion.
Hence, I’d like to share a Business Proposal of my company for your kind consideration.
Name of Your Company
Mailing Address
Contact Person
Contact Number
GST Number

Business Proposal for Packaging and Labelling


“Company Name” is a startup service provider for the packaging and labelling process, with a head count of “No. of Employees” and a dedicated facility at the above mentioned address. The workforce with the commitment towards the result orientation, enables us to process your orders and goods as per the protocol and within an agreed turn around time.
As per the current market trend and the witnessed growth of the packaging sector, we foresee that this Industry would double the growth within another half a decade. Hence we’d like to be part of your company as a Contractor or a Job Worker for packing your products at our facility.

Executive Summary

We are the new born conceptual child of Mr.”Founder Name”, Qualification, with a team of highly inspired futuristic members from different experience backgrounds, aligned with an intent to add value to an organisation we’re collated. 
The commitment and enthusiasm in the client service would lead us towards the successful business tie ups with the major market players like your company.


To provide a satisfactory and true service in the long term to the clients such as you, with the best in class quality at an affordable cost.
The aim is to become one of the major service providers in the packaging and labelling sector and grow with the companies we’re aligned to.


Total Man Count - (Your Team Strength)
Total Work Area - (Your Work Area)
Volume Estimate - (Your Production Capacity/ Per day)


Mention any previous experience of your company or your team members in a similar or a different industry.
Capture more of the client service achievement in the past in order to attract the contractor.
Thank you for your time and considering my email.
I’d look forward to working with your company and serving your packaging needs. Do let me know at your earliest convenience to discuss further regarding this proposal.
Thank you.

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