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Business Ideas | மாதம் 48,000ரூ லாபம் தரும் புதிய தொழில் | பெண்கள் செய்யக்கூடிய Business | Innovative | Namum Business Seiyalaam

Natural Food

Namum Business Seiyalaam, has been suggesting many Business Ideas for quite a while related to natural products, farming supplies, organic products and environmentallyfriendly.

Perhaps, there are many man-made adulterations involved in almost all the products circulated in the Global Market, which is causing a harmful effect for the consumers.

Apparently, the only option to get into the system of healthy practice is enabling more and more of natural food products to reach the consumer amidst the Urbanisation and growth of a materialistic society.

Environmentally Friendly Produces

There are plenty of products which are driven with the cycle of nature, that has been consumed by humans, since evolution.

Hence that was acting as a major role player in various Businesses in region specific.

Of-course, as the time lapses there are several Innovative Business Concepts that came into existence to market these products to the consumers, who are highly influenced by the western products.

New Business Idea

Thus, the concept of Perishable Business with the tweaks for performing in the market came into practice across the globe.

Several Rural Markets were made at par with the Urban Market, due to the advancements of transportation and industrial advancements.

Today, we’ll discuss one such concept that has a High Profit potential, even performed in a Small Home Based environment.

Watch the video for more insight and details about the same and I’ve shared the reference links for your assistance as usual beneath.

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Hope you’ve watched and understood the entire business concept and how to start this in the contemporary period.

  • Machine Detail

Product: Coconut Skin Trimming Machine
Type: Semi Automatic
Process: Peeler

  • Raw Material



Product: Tender Coconut
Quality: Grade A, Grade B
Size: Small, Medium, Large
Nature: Organic

Also below is a Marketing reference link:

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Coconut Powder Trading Business

Supplier Reference

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Machine Reference

Use these resources provided below for your assistance. Though these are third party references, they are of great helpful to understand the actual at the initial level.

Having said and shared these, now it's time to let me know your opinion on this concept and post.

Don’t forget to drop me a comment below and share it with your circle as well.

See you!

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