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New Business Ideas | 350ரூ முதலீடு | மாதம் 30,000ரூ வருமானம் | Agricultural Product | Namum Business Seiyalaam

Agricultural Innovative Business

Fruits are of various significance and nutrition to the consumer. Perhaps, an energy booster for increasing the antibodies in humans. 

We do have a post about the fruits already. Check them if required, I’ve shared the links below;

*   Dried Banana Fig

There are several fruits that are specific to the region and to the climatic conditions prevailing there.

Apparently, few among them are not of regular usage though, are into usage traditionally. Some are even very novel when it comes to the question of origin of these fruits.

One such traditional fruit, perhaps, native to South India and not spread across is Sweet Tamarind.


Nutrition of Tamarind

No wonder, this is a fruit which has been in the traditional food habit of indigenous people and being consumed fresh from the harvest.

Although the marketing activity for specific products has not made much effort, since it gets into the regular Tamarind commercial process.

These tamarinds are produced along with the regular process, perhaps a different variant that has a little sour and sweeter flavour.

It has a huge health benefits due to the high composition of Protein, Vitamins and Minerals.

However the predominant portion of this fruit gets into the culinary usage, the raw consumption is getting familiar during the recent times, as an Innovative Business concept.

Let’s see how this can be commercialised and brought to the Global Market, so as to make an opportunity for the Farming Business to go beyond the Rural and Urban Market in the region specific.

Also a little tweak with value added presentation, this can be a huge successful business for Home Based and for aspiring Women Entrepreneurs.

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Hope you had a detailed understanding of the concept and the real time business proximity on this concept.

Furthermore, I’ve provided the reference links below for the assistance in sourcing the material and the important FSSAI registration.

Details of Availability

Fresh Tamarind 

Product: Fresh Tamaring
Quality: Pure
Application: Shelf Business 

Acrea Nut

Acrea Nut Cutting Machine


FSSAI Registration


Do use these resources for executing this business successfully.

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