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Cleanliness and Hygiene

As we’ve just seen a post on how to have a clean and hygiene, house and a Business Idea in that to provide the service to the public, this is another product which is used for a similar purpose.

Watch the post, if you’ve not seen it: Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Eventually, this is a powder-based chlorine, which is known by a common shelf name Bleaching Powder.

Let's see how to manufacture the product, the marketing techniques to supply it across the markets.

It can be started as a Small Business with a least investment to reach a huge global market reach.

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Here is the contact details for the wholesaler and the packaging products, to execute this business.

Product: Bleaching Powder
Quantity: Kilogram

Product: Packaging Pouch
Thickness: 0.1 to 0.5 mm
Size: 4 to 25 inches
Pattern: Printed

Product: Heat Sealer
Application: Packaging
Material: Steel
Weight: 1.6 Kg

Sink Cleaning Powder

Wholesale Supplier Reference

Bleaching Powder Manufacturing

 Bleaching Powder Plant

Rangoli Manufacturing - Small Scale Business


Use the contacts wisely and make your step towards a successful business career.

Best wishes!

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