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Small Business Ideas | மாதம் 1,06,000ரூ லாபம் தரும் சிறுதொழில் | Buy and Sell | Clothing Industry | Namum Business Seiyalaam

Clothes and Dresses

Since human civilization, the clothes are into usage and man has made several advancements in terms of presenting himself in a variety of costumes and wardrobes.

Albeit there are various Marketing and Branding involved in this Clothes Industry, the diversified spread of demand and Manufacturing techniques with developed mechanisms has made the potential of Small Business to a Large player to have a role here.

Having said that, the specialisation and customisation is unique in this industry, since the Business Concept itself has a unique selling point laid on it.

Customised Clothing & Clothing Stores

As the header itself is self-explanatory, perhaps the increase in customised clothing and stores with such specialisation has made the possibilities of many brands to get the visibility along with creating a path for budding brands as well.

How much ever the actual clothing glazes, there are certain clothes that wrap with the tradition and the occasion, which can further be region specific as well.

Eventually, the customisation of such products would result in that specific market share alone, which can be either Rural or Urban. Perhaps, not the entire Global Market.

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Household Clothing

Apparently, these clothes are brought into many categories and once such a category that has more regional flavour and preferred by the buyers for various purposes. 

Eventually, the market brings a huge possibility for Low Investment value added business with a High Profit return, and thereby attracting many Startup and Small Business players.

Few of those clothing options which have a high perennial demand and little saturation proximity is the household wares and night wares.

These clothing have been practiced through various traditions and culture depending on the resource availability and adaptability.

That can be anything, be it a Lungi, Nighties or Night Suits to tracks, Inners and thermal wears.

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Hope you’ve gone through the concept and got the complete understanding about the same.

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