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How to Start Fresh Water Pearl Farming at Home | Small Business Ideas | Namum Business Seiyalaam


Today, we are going to see how to Start Fresh Water Pearl Farming. For a successful pearl farming, we need some basic equipment and infrastructure.Pearl is natural gem and it haves high market value. We have high demand in local market and Export opportunity.We can do this fresh water farming in home by using small tanks. 


Freshwater Pearl Farming.

Oyster Collection - Healthy mussels are collected from rivers and ponds.It should be collected manually and keep the mussels with bucket along with water.After collecting the oyster/mussels it should be prepared for pre culture conditioning for 2-3days.

Pearl Farming Training


There are many people providing training for pearl farming.Check the pearl farming training in India

Training Name: Freshwater Pearl Culture (1 days)

Training ID: PMMSY9
Planned Start Date:25.01.2021
Planned End Date:25.01.2021
Last Date to Apply:24.01.2021
Fees (in Rupees): Free Eligibility: Aqua Farmers



Freshwater pearl culture will be problematic aquaculture business especially if you want to start from the scratch .Relatively pearl farming is simple aquaculture business, Pearls d0 not require artificial feeds and we can earn good margin if we take proper guidance from expert.

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