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How to Start Donkey Farming and Earn Daily10,000Rs - Namum Business Seiyalaam - Low Investment

 How to Start Donkey Farming and Earn Daily10,000Rs 

We can make number of products in donkeys milk. For Example fairness cream,butter,soap,face wash, soap ,Lipbalm and many more products.Aby Baby was the first person who introduced donkeys milk and milk based products to the public. He owns his own farm in Kerala.

Donkey's milk rich in vitamin A, B, B1,B12, C and E. Donkey's milk contains immune booster, it’s very good for health and skincare. As per the history, Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt ,She bathed daily in Donkey's milk to maintain her youth and secret of her beauty. It removes wrinkles and aging related problems.Doneky milk haves a antioxidants, which helps to fight against premature ageing.

Donkey Milk is a great remedy for Appetite, Acidity, Eczema, Syphilis, Scabies, Itch, Belching, Ringworm, Insomnia, Piles, Asthma and Fungal infections. Donkey milk should not boil like other milk, it can be refrigerated up to one year. Donkey milk can also be given to children’s since it has nutrients value as breast milk. It is easily digestible.
Donkey prefers to graze in the grassland and it likes more chopped green fodder. The gestation period is 12 – 14 Months. Female’s donkeys will reach maturity at the age of three months.

Donkeys dung and urine is a good Organic manure and it will cost around 250Rs Per kg for donkey dung and 1 Liter of Donkey urine cost 100Rs.
Anyone can start the donkey farm but they need proper knowledge and as well as pet lover. The average life of a donkey is 25 years and it’s a disease resistant animal. Every six month need to deworm.

Per Liter Donkey milks cost around 5000Rs – 6000Rs in the market and we can make 70kg milk powder in one Ton of donkeys milk. Donkey’s milk based cosmetic products will cost high because of its natural radiance.



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