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Start Bucket Biryani - Profitable Business - Namum Business Seiyalaam

 How to Start Bucket Biryani Business

Biryani is a Urdu Word and Biryani is the main course food item. It made with spices, rice meat (fish,mutton,chicken,prawn and beef) and vegetables. Based on the ingredients ,there are many types of biryani.In india we can find many types of briyani Hydrabadi Briyani,Sindhi briyani,chettinad briyani,Delhi briyani and Dum Briyani.

Briiyani is the popular food item in all over the world, The taste slightly change based on the region. According to the Swiggy annual report the country’s food ordering habits revealed that Indians ordered an average of 95 biryanis per minute or 1.6 biryanis per second, in 2019. 

First, Analyse the Market. This is the most important step in any business. Should understand the local people taste and analyse the successful local store, Also their tariff and menu. Always maintain unique taste and cleanness is very important to run a successful food business.

Introduce App based services and marketing is the key part in every business. First we need to create awareness to the public, introduce membership plan, free offerings, discounts, online tie ups and social media.

Register your business legally and get FSSAI license to run a food business. Track daily sales and accept digital money. Maintain customer database and their important days for example: Birthday, wedding day etc. and send them wishes with free gifts on that.

Tasty biryani requires quality rice,meat,masala and also a good chef so hiring experienced chef is very import in food business. Need to calculate accurate proportions of ingredients. You should recruit skilled and efficient manpower. Must maintain cleanliness in the premises. Staffing recruitment is based on the size of the shop.


·        25Kg Briyani

·        12kg Rice + 13kg Chicken

·        Chicken = 2,600Rs

·        Rice = 1200Rs

·        Masala = 1500Rs (Others Below)

·        1500 Chef

·        Boiled Egg

·        Raitha Brinjal Curry

·        Bread Halwa

·        Bucket

·        6800Rs = 25Kg Briyani

·        5 – 7 Person = 800Rs (1 Kg – 1.5kg)

·        Market Rate 1400Rs


·        Average 120 Persons - Consumption

·        800Rs x 20 Times = 16,000Rs

·        9200Rs Profit

·        Expense 6800Rs

·        Monthly Around 3 Lakhs Profit


Awareness activity is important before opening the shop. Also hoardings and banners are the effective outdoor advertisement.


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