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30 Days Profitable Village Business - Farming Business - Namum Business Seiyalaam

Earn 5,60,000 in 30 Days – Flower Farming Business

NERIUM Flower Farming Business:

We can grow this plant with very less investment and low maintenance. Easy to grow in Indian climate and weather conditions.Arali Flower  or Nerium Oleander, often know as Nerium in English and Arali in Tamil. It is a shrub or small tree.


This plant is suitable in Loamy soil, Red Soil and Black Soil, Before starting this farming.


 Tall types         : Single Rose, Single White, Single Red, Double types.​

 Dwarf types      : Petite Salmon, Petite Pink.


This plants mainly used for garland making for religious purpose and medicinal purpose. The following disease can be treated by these flower medicines.

·         Heart conditions​

·         Asthma​

·         Epilepsy​

·         Cancer​

·         Painful menstrual periods​

·         Leprosy​

·         Malaria​

·         Ringworm​

·         Indigestion​

Bio Fertilizers:

It’s good to use organic fertilizer So that we can protect the soil and we can get organic flowers to make medicines


Water is very important for agriculture. But this plant can withhold without water up to 6 months. It’s good to supply water 15 days once to get more yields. Best to use drip irrigation.Also we can get subsidy for the drip irrigation from government.

Pests and Disease:

No Serious pest or disease is found to affect the plants.

Flowering Season:

Mostly the cultivation period in the month of September and flowering season throughout the year. We can get high yield in the month between April to August.


Harvest begins from the 4th month after planting and some of the plants it may be early harvest.


Approximate yield of 100kg of flowers per day / hector can be obtained.


·         28 Days Average​

·         100kg Per Day x 28 Days = 2,800Kg​

·         200g = Average 40Rs​

·         1kg = 5 Packets = 200Rs Profit​

·         2800kg = 560,000Rs​

·         30 Days​


Per Acre we required 50,000Rs – 1, 00,000Rs Investment.


We can sell the flowers nearby markets and medicine manufacturing company.


 Flower Training

Drip Irrigation Subsidy

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