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Asian Paints Dealership - Regular Income - Namum business seiyalaam

Asian Paints - Authorised Dealership

Asian Paints was set up as a partnership company by four friends who wanted to take it one of the popular company in india.


·  Asian Paints in India, Bangladesh, Nepal Sri Lanka and Indonesia (Asia)

·  SCIB Paints in Egypt (Middle East)

·  Asian Paints Berger in UAE, Bahrain and Oman (Middle East)

·  Apco Coatings in Fiji, Tonga, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu (South Pacific)

·  Kadisco Asian Paints in Ethiopia (Africa)

·  Taubmans in Fiji and Samoa (South Pacific)

·  Causeway Paints in Sri Lanka (Asia)


Share your following contact details over an email and kindly note that the subject of the email should say - "Asian Paints Dealership Request"


1. Name

2. Contact Address (with district)

3. Shop Name

4. Contact Numbers - Mobile & Landline

5. Email Address - (If you have an email address)


Email Address -


Once they receive your details, they will respond to you as soon as possible. For more details and courtesy, refer Asian Paints Limited.


All the best!

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