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How to Start Paint Brush Business - NBS - Low Investment

 Paint Brush Making Business

Painting industry is most demanding industry all over the world, without the help of brush we can’t do painting. Paintbrush is a brush used to apply paint. Paint brush manufacturing requires many steps and process involves. If anyone interested to start paint brush business, they can go for paint brush assembles business which involves fewer raw materials which is easily available in the local market.

Raw Material

There are few raw materials required for paint brush assembly. There are three parts involved in making a brush.

1.       Bristles: Bristles are made some sort of animal hair is called natural bristles and Synthetic bristles are made often made from nylon, polyster and a combination of both. Natural bristles are widely used in the oil based paintings and synthetic bristles brushes are used for water based paints.

2.       Ferrules: Ferrule is mainly used to retain the bristles and attaches them to the handle so that it will not lose from its grip.

3.       Handle: This part is very important in brush assembly, Its intended interface between the user and the tool. Ferrules will come in different colours. Most common colours are Gold and Silver Colour. Aluminum and Tin metal were used to make ferrules.

We can also use the same method for making Beauty Brush, Arts Painting Brush and Other brushes


A person can assemble 200 brushes per day .Anyone can start the business with little knowledge about brush assembling skill. Even there is many videos available in online for how to make a brush. There is no special qualification or skill required to start this business.


Market Price 250Rs – 1000Rs​

Average Margin 70Rs Per Pc​

200 Pc x 40Rs​



We can market our products by reaching paint contractors,building contractors and local paint material supplier.Slowly start branding your product and capture the market with best quality and good price.

Raw Material Supplier





Please check the video reference for making a paint brush and also check the raw material supplier details.

All the best!

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