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Earn in Lakhs - EV Battery Swapping - Small Business Ideas - Namum Business Seiyalaam

 Electric Vehicle Battery Swapping Business

  • Charging Time 7 Hours For Slow Charger

  • Charging time of 1 Hour For Fast Charging


·        50km - 100km One Time Charging 

·        Less Than Petrol Filling Time

·        Charging Infrastructure Not Available

·        No need to install charging station at home or office

Best Place To Start Swapping Station

·        Highway

·        Main Road

·        Manual Model​ – Staff Management

·        App Model​ – Booking Online


·        Local Authority

·        Municipal Office

Investment – Minimum 1 Lakh

·        Battery Swapping Deck

·        Building

·        Manual Model Staff

·        App Based – App Creation

·        Marketing

·        Advertisement

Solar Energy For Charging

·        Discharge Battery - Based On Charge - Amount Calculate

·        Account Debited from Account

·        Branches

·        Electric Three Wheeler

·         Franchise Model

·         over 960 battery swapping stations in 197 cities across the country

·         Limitation Of This Business

·         Battery Swap Technology in initial Stage in India

·         Different Size and capacity of batteries in different vehicles

·         EV Companies moving towards standard battery sizes


Swapping Company Reference

E Auto Business



Give it a try, all the best!

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