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Business and Human life

The human race is the most supreme of all the living beings. Perhaps, the only race that has great constraints with regard to its existence and sustainability. Since the evolution, man has always been a social animal; Apparently, causing him to depend on the other creatures for his very existence. Throughout the ages the humans were developing in various genres, causing new advancements leading to several pros and cons.

It was this human race that got its interest in the produces and materials causing various turmoil over centuries. The race that feeds on its own for its survival. This attitude had witnessed many wars, revolutions and coups, which perhaps been a survival of the fittest theory. The Darwin’s theory of evolution has apparently reached its saturation point to an extent, where the regression of man becoming animal can be observed due to his selfishness and greediness.

The advancement of science and technology has already made people to peep into others privacy and causing an annoyance for the individuality of the human being. It’s the greatest invention, though, as it’s taken the lifestyle of the human to a sophisticated structure, besides its primary factor of development to connect the people across the globe and further beyond it indeed.

Having said that, the unanimous factor over all these phases of human progression is the very intention of endurance, that was only through an exchange of values, either goods versus services or against monetary values. Hence the prime element of our life is to have a purposeful exchange that gives the benefit to reap. In modern terms, this beneficial exchange has been termed as Business. 

Thus the life of a living being is always in existence with a purpose and that so called purpose, lies in the people who’re into Business.

~ Vk ~