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Best Business Ideas | இலவசமாக கிடைக்கும் மூலப்பொருளில் இருந்து 1,00,000ரூ லாபம் | Recycling Waste Collection Cigarette Butt | Namum Business Seiyalaam

Animals and Man are always associated for several centuries in order to carry out various activities. 

However, domesticated animals are mostly part of human life and have gone almost to the level of being one among the family.

Besides the benefits and usages assisted by these animals, some of them go beyond being useful not only with their activity, but also through their entire body parts, wastes and even after their lives.

Agriculture and Farming

India, being one of the largest countries with Agriculture as its people’s major occupation, saw the relationship of human and animal throughout the ages.

We won’t be able to ignore the early morning Rooster’s sound, or the Hot Milk from the Country Cow or a Cow Dunk collected near the cattle shed or the fresh Meat from a young goat or a bark from the street dogs.

Neither of these has saturated from the minds of people, since they’re all associated with a Farmer and his family.

In spite of development in Science and Technology, advancement of Information System, Globalisation and Industrialisation, it’s always the Farmer and his Agriculture, who supplies the Staple Crops and Food to the world.

Balance of Nature

The Ecological Balance, which makes the very existence of the lives in the world is being predominantly plugged into Agriculture. 

Apparently, this balance is very essential in order to cope with the growing Global Warming and avoid Ecological Instabilities. 

Further the Agriculture and Livestock Farming can be brought under the roof of Science and Advancements, to make the fruitful outcome with the least energy from the Farmer.

As every individual person is already sufficiently aware of the significance of this Balance of Nature, the awareness on how to get into motivating this, need to be made throughout.

The Concept of Business

These Agriculture, Farming and Ecological Balance is part of the Human lifestyle that provides ample resources and opportunities for performing self-employment.

Unlike the other Machine-Made Goods and products, the produces from Agriculture and Farming are natural and beneficial for the human life cycle.

The more of the Natural Products, the more into the health and life span, eventually leading the opportunities for Organic and Environmentally Friendly Business Ideas.

One such Farming Waste and the Bi-Products from them is being detailed with the possibilities of starting as a New Business along with the assistance of required contacts for Manufacturing and Marketing the same in the below video.

These can be the Best Business Ideas for a Small Start-up and Rural environment, perhaps the marketing possibilities across the Urban Regions and Online Business.

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Furthermore, the contacts as mentioned are shared beneath for the viewers benefit.

Raw Materials

Product: Cow Dung
Medium: Dry
Application: Bio Organic Manure, Pest Controller, Bi-Product Manufacture

Product: Cotton Wicks
Material: Cotton
Shape: Round
Application: Worship and Multi-purpose

Manufacturing Machine

Product: Mechanical Diya Making
Material: Cast Iron
Specifications: 4 Ft
Capacity: 3000 to 3500 / Per Shift
Sambrani Raw Material

Fragrance              kuingaliyam , loban , sambrani Damar Batu herbal sambrani raw material
Shape                         powder
Packaging Size          50
Packaging Type         pp bag
Country of Origin     Made in India



Check out on them and let us know your valuable inputs in the comment section below.


Cigarette Waste Collection Services

Cigarette Waste Bin

Company Reference : Code Enterprises


Tetra Pak Recycling Business

Manufacturing Machine Reference

Tetra Pack Shredding Machine


Cup Sambrani Stand Manufacturing

Machine Reference

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