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Packing Business Ideas - Best Business - Corrugated Box - Cartboard Box Manufacture Business - Small Business Ideas - Nylon Rope

Corrugated Box The Packaging Industry is a huge scope filled sector where there are several types of packaging materials used depending on the product and its client. [ Also Check: Buy Back Business Idea, Hot New Chicken Farm Business ] However corrugated boxes are the age-old phenomenon, which has a wide application across various sectors and apparently a great booming platform for the new creative inflows. There are quite a few variants in the thickness of the box and the types of pulp used to make them. Despite the standards being adapted on various basis and industry grades. [ Also See: Stay Clean and Stay Safe – Home Sanitisation Business Idea ] The properties and characteristics are measured for corrugated boards based on Moisture content, Edge crush test, burst strength, Box Compression, Flat crush test, Bending resistance, Impact resistance, Cushioning, Tear resistance and Grammage. One such business option has been detailed along with the c

Food Business Ideas | சிறிய முதலீட்டில் வீட்டிலேயே தாயரிப்பு தொழில்| மாதம் 90,000ரூ லாபம்| Glass Bottles Wholesale Business | Low Invest | Chicken Popcorn | Lotus Seed | Bamboo Briyani Pipes | Namum Business Seiyalaam | Egg Powder | Bamboo Water Bottle

Protein Rich Food Health and Nutrition goes hand in hand with the food we take on a routine basis. This food supply has a huge scope for several people in terms of aiding their livelihood. The Food Industry is spread throughout the Global Market across various Business Concepts , catering to Small Business to a huge Manufacturing unit. Apparently, the protein supply through various healthy snacks and the related industries are in existence predominantly in Urban and least in Rural regions. We already have a post about healthy snacking on our page, check it out if you wanted to. *    Healthy Vegetable Sticks    * *    Sweet Banana Chips    *   *    Raw Kurkure & Masala   Chickpea / Roasted Bengal Gram This is a healthy protein seed that has a widespread market demand and various value-added business options. We’ll see an option of making and catering the supply of this roasted chickpea. #NamumBusinessSeiyalaam #ProteinrichFood #FoodBu

Herbal Business Ideas | 300ரூ முதலீடு | 40,000ரூ மாதம் லாபம் | Village Farming Business | Namum Business Seiyalaam

Ayurveda and Food India is a country which has a strong history of Ayurveda and Natural Medicines. It’s been followed for several centuries and perhaps, a common saying still in usage is consume ''Food as Medicine”. We already have a post detailing the food as medicine concept and a Business Idea based on it. Check out the below link to know about the same. *   Herbal Nannari Squash    * *   Sacred Ash - Thiruneer    * Having said that, there is enormous scope in the traditional medicines and healthy herbal products which are indigenous to Indian subsoil. Apparently, they were used for several medicinal and ailment purposes till date. Although the evolution and advancement made by the human race have already created much man-made medication, it’s always good to have the traditional and food-based medication to stay healthy and disease free for a long time. So, now I hope you would have already arrived at an idea about the concept which w