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Best Business Ideas | மிகக்குறைந்த முதலீட்டில் மாதம் 25,000ரூ சம்பாதிக்கலாம் | Retail Business | Namum Business Seiyalaam

India is the land of natural resources in abundance and the home for several Vedas & puranas. Besides, the country itself has positioned as a leader on showcasing the emphasis on living life with the roots and herbs, to the world.

For almost many centuries we’ve been supplying these abundances to the Global Market and generating high competent business transactions.

Roots and Herbs - India

Throughout the Vedas and history, India has been preaching several medicinal practices and the value of indigenous natural roots and herbs.

It can be observed that every household in India has a home remedy suggestion for any common illness and preventive measures, suggested by the elderly people in the family.

Though these are not Marketed sufficiently in many scenarios, there are some traces of Small Business options in various Rural and Urban societies.

This provides sufficient evidence on several methods, that are practiced by the native people throughout ages and are passed to the next generations to stay healthy and away from diseases.

The Sophistication of tradition

Although the benefits are proven, these herbs and roots are not of great preference among the younger generations and kids. The appropriate amount of Innovative Idea is required in this product to make a value added supply.

Perhaps, the craze of western culture and the affinity towards the global products, has made us lose the hold on these traditional valuables.

However, any good things would require a medium to deliver it in order to transfer the benefit to the receiver. This medium should be contemporary and impressive with a competitive Marketing Technique in order to attract the people and to make them use it.

Squash or Cordial

The concentrated syrup based on these herbs and roots with natural sweeteners is a best option for making the latter presentable to the current young consumers.

When such a healthy pack is delivered in a format of choice for this generation, it will have a dual benefit of generating a Business Idea and the spread of traditional healthy products.

This Business can be more suitable for Home Based and aspiring Women Entrepreneurs, since it has a Low Investment and less time consumption.

So having said that, now get into the below video to know more about the details and tips about this business idea.

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Okay, I hope you’re done with the video and understood the entire concept.

Do let me know how you feel about it, in the comment section below.

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