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Home Business Ideas | வீட்டில் இருந்து 2000ரூ முதலீட்டில் மாதம் 30,000ரூ வரை லாபம் | Namum Business Seiyalaam

As you know, we’ve been seeing many posts and products from nature quite often. If you haven’t seen them, check out the links below;

For more such businesses refer: Natural Product Business Ideas and Agricultural Business Ideas

One such natural, perhaps the most preferable across all age groups of people is, any guess??

Ah yeah! It’s Honey.

This will be one of the best Natural Product Business Ideas, besides being an Agricultural Based and the Environmental Friendly.


Honey is a natural sweet substance collected by the Honey Bees from the flowers and other secretions from certain insects.

Besides being used in a wide range of food products, this product has a huge medicinal value in Siddha and Ayurveda practices.

And you know? This Organic Product has a great Global Market demand and a huge export opportunity.

There’s a huge process involved in collecting and formation of Honey by the bees. Perhaps, they can be collected from the colonies of wild bees or hives of the domesticated bees.


The Honey Bee Hives are the structures made by humans, in order to grow bees and collect the honey in the process.

It’s been in practice for a few centuries now, as the man-made hives were used to grow Honey Bees for both personal and commercial use of honey from it.

This has been a Manufacturing Business, practised for Wholesale and Retail Markets since the inception of this concept.

The Traditional hives were also made in Wood, Mud and even from Clay, until the modern hives came into usage by the end of the 18th century.

Business Idea for Honey Farming

Honey Farming or Beekeeping or Apiculture is a process of maintaining bee colonies using the human made hives.

This can be started for commercial honey collection in a Rural or Urban location with a Small Investment.

There are few processes involved in order to start a business. Refer the below videos for registering and executing a Startup Company.

Further the Business Idea, with more detailed insight has been elabourated in the below video for the benefit of viewers.

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Hope you’ve enjoyed the video.

For further assistance, I’ve provided the below links on Free Training provided by the Tamilnadu AgriTech University.

And Government website of Agricultural Market Information System detailing the process to obtain an AGMARK Certificate. 

Honey Amla Making Business

 Wholesale Honey


Amla Fruit


Happy Business!

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