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Business Ideas in Sacred Ash | முதலீடு தேவையில்லை | மாதம் 40,000ரூ வரை சம்பாதிக்கலாம் | Village Business | No Investment

Most of the time, it’s observed that there's always a reason behind every piece of advice given by the elders. Apparently, they quote it as a religious practice, perhaps the lion’s share will have a science behind it. Although there are several businesses involved in these practices either as a profit or service, this has a huge reception across the globe, if made by Innovative marketing . Let’s see how it is? Religious Ashes Ashes are of various significance in several religions. However the making and usage differs from one another, although the vitality remains similar. In Hinduism, the ashes made by burning dried woods are applied in various forms as mentioned in Puranas and by enchanting various mantras.  In Christianity, on Ash Wednesday the ash made by burning palm leaves mixed with olive oil is applied in a cross form to the believers. Having said that, there are several traditional methods which were into practice from the ancient period, pe

Business Ideas in Tamil | Industrial Supply | Namum Business Seiyalaam | Low investment | Eraser Manufacturing

Business Idea for the contemporary era where fuel usage has reached peaks for the regular consumption of the people. Apparently, exploiting the fossil fuels has been already at the least perimeter, a better alternate idea of using the degradable cow dung is more viable and a great business option to consider for the future fuel usage opportunities.   #BusinessIdeas #NamumBusinessSeiyalaam #AlternateFuel #InnovativeBusinessIdeas   Eraser Manufacturing   Machine Reference https://eraser-making-machine.html   Get more insight from the above video and your comments are most appreciated! Contact Channel: Follow-us on: