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Business Ideas in Sacred Ash | முதலீடு தேவையில்லை | மாதம் 40,000ரூ வரை சம்பாதிக்கலாம் | Village Business | No Investment

Most of the time, it’s observed that there's always a reason behind every piece of advice given by the elders.

Apparently, they quote it as a religious practice, perhaps the lion’s share will have a science behind it.

Although there are several businesses involved in these practices either as a profit or service, this has a huge reception across the globe, if made by Innovative marketing.

Let’s see how it is?

Religious Ashes

Ashes are of various significance in several religions. However the making and usage differs from one another, although the vitality remains similar.

In Hinduism, the ashes made by burning dried woods are applied in various forms as mentioned in Puranas and by enchanting various mantras. 

In Christianity, on Ash Wednesday the ash made by burning palm leaves mixed with olive oil is applied in a cross form to the believers.

Having said that, there are several traditional methods which were into practice from the ancient period, perhaps, they’re almost lost in the course of evolution.

Due to the advancement of technology and expansion of Urban Market, the actual Manufacturing process of most of these products is made with alternatives.

The traditional methods were literally made with a lot of insight on the actual raw materials, in order to make the ash with medicinal values.

Throughout the Vedas, the sacred ashes were almost treated by the Rishis and Saints, with varied beliefs which made it almost a medicinal miracle.

Science behind Superstitions

The original, perhaps the ancient method of making the sacred ash is from the country cow’s dung, which has huge minerals and nutrients. 

We already have a Business Idea for Manufacturing and Marketing produces using Cow Dung explained in our page earlier. (Refer to the link: Cow Dung Diya Business Idea)

As cow pats is the undigested plant matter and grains, it’s high organic materials.

Due to this there were several applications and benefits acquired using this product, which was mostly quoted in the name of religion.

Though the actual idea has been mentioned In a nutshell, this concept nevertheless, categorised under Rural Business, which has a huge Global Market scope, is being narrated in detail today, in the below video.

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Hope you’ve enjoyed the video and understood the concept of making and marketing the product.

Here are a few assistive reference materials for your benefit.

Raw Materials:

Product: Rice Husk
Application: Bio Fuel
Quantity: Ton (s)

Product: Cow Dung
Application: Bio Fuel
Composition: Wet

Machine Details:

Product: Automatic Pulverizer Machine
Power: 16 KW

Capacity: 20 - 200 Kgs


Red Soil


Wholesaler Reference


Do try this business and become an entrepreneur by yourself. You will be the future of this country.

All the best!

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