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Animals and Man are always associated for several centuries in order to carry out various activities.  However, domesticated animals are mostly part of human life and have gone almost to the level of being one among the family. Besides the benefits and usages assisted by these animals, some of them go beyond being useful not only with their activity, but also through their entire body parts, wastes and even after their lives. Agriculture and Farming India, being one of the largest countries with Agriculture as its people’s major occupation, saw the relationship of human and animal throughout the ages. We won’t be able to ignore the early morning Rooster’s sound, or the Hot Milk from the Country Cow or a Cow Dunk collected near the cattle shed or the fresh Meat from a young goat or a bark from the street dogs. Neither of these has saturated from the minds of people, since they’re all associated with a Farmer and his family. In spite of development in Science

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Waste to Wealth Waste Management is a hot topic in the modern society where all the products were made with the chemical and synthetic raw materials. It’s one of the major root cause factors for global warming and raising earth temperatures. How much ever the renewable resources are brought into usage, we’re pushed to a situation where omitting the chemical substances completely is almost impossible. [ Also Read: Profitable Business Ideas - Dish wash Detergent Business ] Perhaps, there are several awareness campaigns are run across the nations to enlighten the public and the industries to act responsibly towards the environment. Though there have been several conceptual initiatives taken with regard to the waste disposals depending on the source and constituents in them, there are several Business Ideas which are of great potential and of huge market scope that are still not into limelight. [ Also Read: Great Lock down Business Idea - Vehicle Sanitisation ] Be th