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Safe Home Business Ideas - Say No to Coronavirus - Stay Clean and Stay away from COVID-19 - Potassium Permanganate and House Sanitisation Business - Gadgets Sanitiser - Wristband Sanitiser - Small Business Idea

House or Home, which one is yours? A house, a place where every individual will habitat along with his / her family. This is the place where a sense of home feeling is shown by everyone residing.  [ Also Read:  No Investment Flipkart Seller Business ] Eventually, the conception and interpretation of this place differs for each one of us, depending on several factors of consideration.  [ Also Read:  Innovative Business Idea, Ice Cream Dosa Business ] Thus, the opportunity and scope of commercial products through several Businesses will make its way in there.  [ Also Read:  Ready Made Samosa Business Idea ] That can be a Manufacturing Business for various consumer products or a Retail Business to daily household needs.  [ Also Read:  Innovative Pulses Business Idea ]   Having said that, since this place being a place to reside in for each of us where we wanted to spend a considerable portion of time, it is essential that this place is maintained with cleanlin

How to register Flipkart Seller Account ? - Free Flipkart Seller Account - Step by Step Process, explained

Flipkart Seller Account Free Registration If you are into business or planning to get into one and to take your product online, join hands with Flipkart to become an online seller. Flipkart is a largest online platform in India for selling the products and taking them to the nooks and corners across the country. Be it a manufacturer, reseller, vendor, supplier or a wholesaler, you can get your products to the giant e-commerce player and get empowered. It’s quite easy and absolutely free to get yourself affiliated with Flipkart and start selling your products online. Below is the step by step process, detailed to get registered as a seller in Flipkart.   Registration Requirement Before proceeding further, make sure you have the following three things; A minimum of one unique product to sell in Flipkart. GSTIN details, as you’ve to furnish the same to become an online seller. A copy of the cancelled cheque of your bank account. Step by Step Proce