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Free Raw Material | மூலப்பொருள் இலவசமாக வாங்கி விற்றால் போதும் | 2020 New business ideas Tamil | Low Investment ideas | Banana Fiber

Biodegradable Free Raw Material, most fancy to hear isn't it? It is observed that most of the Industries that has a huge demand has started implementing an alternate energy or source technology to become more of a naturistic product production. As part of this initiative many cliché product has been altered to suit the need of the consumers, perhaps retaining its core benefit, but with more compostable components, which makes them Eco Friendly and Organic. Apparently there has been several Natural Products Business Ideas , Farming Business Ideas , Innovative Business Concepts on Natural Food Colours , Agricultural Business Ideas , Organic Products BusinessIdeas , Nature Friendly Business Ideas and Natural Products Business Ideas which were shared earlier in our website for the benefit of the viewers. Bagasse - Sugarcane Fibre As an outcome of such initiative, one such conceptually strong, perhaps the most environmentally friendly indeed, is the Sugar Cane Fibre.

450ரூ முதலீட்டில் குடிசைத்தொழில் | தினமும் 1500ரூ லாபம் | New business ideas Tamil | Low Investment ideas

The Industrial Revolution and Globalisation has brought so much of development to the country along with great hazardous side effects of losing the nature and the values it’s presented us in abundance. The result being, Global Warming, Increase in Sea Level and Decrease in the Quality of Air. Perhaps the only solution to get back to the nature is by increasing the use of more and more biodegradable and eco-friendly products over the Synthetic and Non Environmental Friendly products, such as Plastics, Chemical Substances, Artificial Fibre and Highly concentrated oils or lubricants. The lesser the Carbon Footprint is the lesser the hazardous is to the environment. It’s the responsibility of each and every individual to contribute their share for this. Apparently all the Nations have started inducing its resources to join hands in this. This is a High time to introduce and produce more of an eco-friendly alternative for all the consumer consumables that has ma

Business Ideas in Tamil | 1920ரூ முதலீடு|மாதம் 63000ரூ லாபம் | Namum Business Seiyalaam | Low Investment Ideas

Business Idea on how to manufacture natural food colour and use them in food products to make it more nature friendly, without using preservatives, additives and other synthetic colours. The process is explained in Tamil with the details on calculations and Business Models as a presentation in English for the viewers. This is an insight on natural living and nature products for consumption which is proven to be the upcoming Industry forecasted to go beyond the reach in near future. #BusinessIdeas #NamumBusinessSeiyalaam #NaturalFoodColour #SmallBusinessIdeas For details on Machine to Manufacture, refer the link below: Food Dehydrators For Label making Machines, refer the link below: Bakery Confectionery Product Labels How do you feel about the video and the business concept? Let me know on the comment section below; Contact Channel: Follow-us on: