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Free Raw Material | மூலப்பொருள் இலவசமாக வாங்கி விற்றால் போதும் | 2020 New business ideas Tamil | Low Investment ideas | Banana Fiber

Biodegradable Free Raw Material, most fancy to hear isn't it?

It is observed that most of the Industries that has a huge demand has started implementing an alternate energy or source technology to become more of a naturistic product production.

As part of this initiative many cliché product has been altered to suit the need of the consumers, perhaps retaining its core benefit, but with more compostable components, which makes them Eco Friendly and Organic.

Bagasse - Sugarcane Fibre

As an outcome of such initiative, one such conceptually strong, perhaps the most environmentally friendly indeed, is the Sugar Cane Fibre. This acts as a Natural Bi product from the Sugar Cane after the extraction of the juice.

Products made using this fibre has a huge application and highly progressive market potential. It’s a high time to go with such alternate business concepts to implement the Biodegradable consumer supplies that are huge in consumption, thereby creating the difference in the impact the conventional synthetic products do.

Applications and benefits

This fibre is called Bagasse which are used to make several onetime usage applications such as Plates, Bowls, Containers and so on.

This acts as a great alternate for the most environmentally hazardous chemicals and plastics that are used as raw materials for making these products in a conventional method.

Bagasse, is a good compostable and degradable material which can resist head as well to an extent, that makes it to withstand the alternative standard for the existing microwavable products.

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For details on Sugarcane Bagasse Plate Making Machine, refer the link below:

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