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Low Investment Business Ideas | தினமும் லாபம் தரும் தொழில் | 2000ரூ முதலீடு | 3 மணி நேரம் வேலை | No Competition | Namum Business Seiyalaam | Beverage

Food Based Business , are always a minimal step with maximum potential, depending on the appropriateness it’s been implemented and executed. That can witness a massive success in the Global Stores, even if it is of a Small Investment and Home Based , perhaps with a little Innovative tweak to present it. Food and Flavours Food and Flavours are the paired terms that are interconnected with the life of every individual throughout their lifetime. Perhaps, the preference and the choice, maybe with little difference depending on the culture and region. However, the urge stands to be of the same calibre across all the age groups. Although the open market and globalisation have brought so many tremendous flavouring and other traditional foods across oceans, the actual flavour of them are of high preference by the people who consume. Food Types The Food items are spread across various genres and catered throughout the world in spec

தினமும் 1750ரூ லாபம் | 3000ரூ One Time முதலீடு | Street business ideas Tamil | Low Investment ideas

Food Industry and Street Food are all time successful Business Idea , that perhaps has its reception from the target audience, which is directly proportionate to the uniqueness in the concept and the taste of the product, besides the hygiene and presentation. Apparently any food products that are produced and promoted based on the contemporary interest of the public will have a great success ratio and revenue generation. One such Innovative Business Idea for both Urban and Rural market is being projected with a real time workout and probabilities in the below video. #businessideas #namumbusinessseiyalaam #smallbusinessideas #lowinvestment The Raw Material sources are also shared below through the reference urls for the feasibility of the viewers.  Machine and Raw Material Egg Bubble Waffle Maker Stick Waffle Paper Tray Waffle Popcorn Cone Mushroom Popcorn Kernels https//mushroom-popcorn-ball-popcorn-round-popcorn-kettle-corn.html For details on Gover