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New Business Ideas | குறைந்த முதலீட்டில் 50,000ரூ லாபம் | Grow Green Bag Business | Namum Business Seiyalaam | Low Investment

A Business Idea on Farming Supplies, that has a wide Global Market potential and an increasing demand is being elaborated today with the real-time market potential, probabilities, Manufacturing and Marketing methodologies along with the supplier contacts.

Agriculture Plantation

India is the country that has almost 70 percent of its population into Agriculture as a profession. Apparently it’s termed as the backbone of the nation and has a huge chunk in the growth of the economy. Perhaps there are various factors that contribute to the successful execution of the agricultural plantation, besides the tremendous support and aid from the government.

Plants and Vegetation

Though there are several cash crops and vegetation into regular cultivation, the predominant product of consideration is on the food crops. Apparently the vegetation is secondary into actual production, perhaps serves the entire demand and are being exported to various countries.

Agriculture plays a major role in the export revenue of India, where the vegetation is of good portion. Although there are commercial cultivation and techniques implemented to meet the rising demand of the people, the crave for organic and pest free vegetables is always seen in the public.


The concept of Green house has been brought into the process of Agriculture throughout the world as the result of Green Revolution, in order to get the most out of limited space and more proximity towards the organic methods. 

 There are several viable methods and innovative solutions made their way into the concept of greenhouse that bagged a vast scope for many Low Investment High Profit Small Businesses, Reselling Businesses, Shop Businesses and made many Women Entrepreneurs in this country.

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Wholesale Supplier Contacts:
Machine Refrence


Carnation and Gerbera Flower

Tamil Nadu Government Subsidy
Jasmine Terrace Garden Farming Business

Cocopeat Pot

Jasmine Plants

Tuberose Farming

Government Subsidy

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