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Herbal Business Ideas | 300ரூ முதலீடு | 40,000ரூ மாதம் லாபம் | Village Farming Business | Namum Business Seiyalaam

Ayurveda and Food

India is a country which has a strong history of Ayurveda and Natural Medicines.

It’s been followed for several centuries and perhaps, a common saying still in usage is consume ''Food as Medicine”.

We already have a post detailing the food as medicine concept and a Business Idea based on it. Check out the below link to know about the same.

Having said that, there is enormous scope in the traditional medicines and healthy herbal products which are indigenous to Indian subsoil.

Apparently, they were used for several medicinal and ailment purposes till date.

Although the evolution and advancement made by the human race have already created much man-made medication, it’s always good to have the traditional and food-based medication to stay healthy and disease free for a long time.

So, now I hope you would have already arrived at an idea about the concept which we’re about to see today. Eventually it’s a best business idea and highly suitable for a small to medium business enterprise.

Business Concept

As everyone knows that Namum Business Seiyalaam has been consistently adding several concepts in the genre of Business Ideas for Women, this on which we’ll see today is also one such prospective option for Women Entrepreneur.

Water is an essential resource and a necessity to us, in order to exist. 

This is a known fact, ain’t it?

Perhaps, the proposed option is, how it’d be if we add the concept of herbal and the water together?

Interesting, ah?!

So yes, it is. This can be a huge Innovative Business Idea, on the other hand a service minded business which nourishes the human on top of nurturing the Organic and New generation Farming.

This will be a revolutionary launch, besides rejuvenating the body with the goodness of nature. In fact, it can be presented as a sophisticated Natural drink with the traditional flavour to the young generation and the Global Market.

Watch the below video on the Manufacture, commercialisation methods, Marketing techniques and profit calculation of the herbal drink business.

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Hope you’ve got enough insight about this concept and will look for the reference materials to give life for this business concept.

Here it is, use the reference provided below.

Raw Material

Product: Empty Dip Bags
Type: Food Grade
Usability: Heat resistant

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Shatavari Roots -
Thaneervittan Kilangu



Tulsi Leaves



Pathimukham Powder

Wholesale Supplier

Herbal Products Repacking


Wholesale Shop Address
Govindappa Naicken Street, Parrys, Chennai - 600001

Packing Covers
Singanna Naicken Street, Parrys, Chennai- 600001

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