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Food Business Ideas | சிறிய முதலீட்டில் வீட்டிலேயே தாயரிப்பு தொழில்| மாதம் 90,000ரூ லாபம்| Glass Bottles Wholesale Business | Low Invest | Chicken Popcorn | Lotus Seed | Bamboo Briyani Pipes | Namum Business Seiyalaam | Egg Powder | Bamboo Water Bottle

Protein Rich Food

Health and Nutrition goes hand in hand with the food we take on a routine basis. This food supply has a huge scope for several people in terms of aiding their livelihood.

The Food Industry is spread throughout the Global Market across various Business Concepts, catering to Small Business to a huge Manufacturing unit.

Apparently, the protein supply through various healthy snacks and the related industries are in existence predominantly in Urban and least in Rural regions.

We already have a post about healthy snacking on our page, check it out if you wanted to.

*   Sweet Banana Chips   *

Chickpea / Roasted Bengal Gram

This is a healthy protein seed that has a widespread market demand and various value-added business options.

We’ll see an option of making and catering the supply of this roasted chickpea.

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Hope you’ve had enough details about this business and the prospects of executing it.

Having said that, I would like to share a few contact details of Machines and Raw Materials, for your reference and benefit.

Machine Details

Product: Chana Roaster
Type: Automatic / Semi-Automatic
Capacity: 50 to 500 Kgs

Product: Gram Roaster
Type: Automatic
Capacity: 500 Kgs

Product: Gram Peeler
Type: Automatic
Material: SS

Raw Material

Product: Chickpeas - Brown
Origin: India
Package: 30-50 Kgs


Sweet Paan Business:


Healthy Snack Business - Lotus Seeds

Video Reference

Wholesale Lotus Seed: 
Bamboo Briyani Pipes

Bamboo Stick Supplier
Mini Readymade Samosa
Samosa Sheets
Exhibition Papad

Wheat Puff

Popsicle Business

Machine Supplier
  Glass Bottle

Wholesale Supplier
Video Reference

Momos Street Business

Chicken Popcorn
CRUST N CRUMB Crispy Chicken Mix- Pepper & Spicy

Gilli Chai

Egg Powder Business

Dehydrating Machine

Wholesale Egg Shell

Bamboo Water Bottle
It's an eco friendly business.100% profitable business.

Video Reference

Wholesale Supplier

Bamboo Cup

As we’ve seen the in and out of this business option, explore the new horizons and give it a try.

Do let me know your thoughts in the below comments section.

Use the contacts, wisely.

Happy Business!

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Exhibition Appalam

Supplier Reference

Chips Manufacturing

Machine Reference

*** Tutorial Videos ***

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