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Free Raw Material | Business Ideas in Tamil | மூலப்பொருள் இலவசம்|மாதம் 200000ரூ லாபம் | Coir Coco Pot | Namum Business Seiyalaam

Recycle and Business

Business Idea for this era which looks for waste management and recycle. Perhaps this is a innovative concept where the waste product is used as a healthy alternate for Agricultural usage. The Business Concept with Low Investment or Zero Investment on Raw Materials and high profit yielding. The details and calculation of this Innovative Idea is elaborated in the video and are projected beneath for the observer benefit.

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For more details on Buyer List:

Buyer List - Coirboard

For Machine related detail:

Fiber Extraction Machine

Production Capacity 1000 Kg / 8 Hour
Power Consumption7.5 HP
Height 1400 Mm
Length 2500 Mm
Coir Fiber Extraction Machine.

Business Loan upto 10 lakhs, kindly refer below link:

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Government - Free Training Progarm

Coconut husk machine, kindly refer below link:

Coconut Husk Cutting Machines

Coco Fiber Pots For Garden:




Coir fiber







Minimum Order Quantity

50 Piece


Wholesale Supplier:https://coir-pots-making-machine.html

Plant Fiber Coir Coco Pot : https://coir-coco-pot.html

Coir Products Sales Promotion

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Coco Peat Powder

Wholesale Supplier Reference 👇

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