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Farming Business Ideas | 11ரூ முதலீட்டில் ஒரு சிறுதொழில் | 200% வீட்டில் இருந்து செய்யலாம் | Namum Business Seiyalaam - Rice Mill - Drone

Alternative Agriculture

Alternative Agriculture, is a process of practicing new methods and techniques, similar to Alternative Energy Business, to encourage the Farmers to carry out a profitable Farming Business through Environmentally Friendly alternatives.

Besides, this causes the Agriculture Business and its aided services to cope with the growing concerns spread across them. 

Before getting into this topic, check out few topics related to the Agriculture related businesses. 

Sweet Tamarind

Apparently addressing the increase of livelihood vulnerability in the Rural Areas and the Semi-Arid regions.

What's this livelihood vulnerability?

Where does it come from?

How to address this?

Let's get a deeper insight in this post and an effective option that can be implemented as a great Business Idea, considering the future possibilities of a harsh environment, that has less accessible water to grow crops and perform Farming Business.

Livelihood Vulnerability

The rural areas are predominantly dependent on Agriculture for livelihood; And this business is directly linked to the climatic fluctuation, perhaps, been in practice with several other alternatives to adjust this gap.

Although, to an extent it can be addressed, the livelihood of the framers and the other aided industries are still at high risk to extinguish.

The low adaptive capacity, human development in these regions and with a little enlightenment from the central powers, the rural areas need to be prioritized for getting the best out of them.

Apparently, most of the Food Industries and Organic Products Businesses are dependent on them.

To address this alarming concern, it’s a high time to start practicing more and more of Alternative Agriculture methodologies.

One such method is Hydroponics.


A hydro-culture method, where the plants can be grown in the nutritional solutions in a water solvent.

This method can grow most of the terrestrial plants and be a huge prospect for many Small Businesses and Food Supply Businesses.

An Innovative model to tweak the existing cliché model in order to provide the pathway for most of the Low Investment and High Profit Business options, besides contributing a huge promotion for Home Based and many Women Entrepreneurs

Let’s get a deeper insight about this business and the real time probabilities along with the best suitable crops and Marketing Techniques.

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On top of these, I’ve also shared a few references for facilitating the viewers and their business aspiration.

Business Equipment

Product: Automatic Agriculture Hydroponics System
Materials: UPVC
Shape: Square
Layers: Four
Dimension: 5 to 5.5 Ft Height

Product: Hydroponics PVC Units
Capacity: 40-45 Kg
Dimension: 8” x 4” x 6.5”
Tray: 54 Nos

Raw Material

Product: Yellow Maize
Usage: Animal
Type: Natural, Dried
Origin: India
Moisture: 13-14%

Training Center

Spring Onion

 Spring Onion Seeds




Mini Rice Mill

Machine Supplier

Aeroponic Agriculture



Use the resources wisely and remember to take that first step.

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Agriculture Drone Spraying

We can simplify the agriculture farming by using drone systems.
Drones will be used for Seed spraying, Fertiliser spraying and many other purpose.

Wholesale Supplier

Groundnut Separation Machine

Poha Manufacturing

Machine Supplier


Hydroponics Business


Tamarind Cultivation


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